Club Activities

Instrumental Music

Mrs. Mutlu

Brookside Elementary School
940 Stanton Avenue

Baldwin, NY  11510
(516) 377-9318

Here are some of the topics we've studied in Music Appreciation Club!

  • Music Is…  We read the story Music Is by Lloyd Moss. We talked about what music means to us, and illustrated our ideas. Stop by the Instrumental Music Room to see what music means to us.
  • Songlifting – Song lifting, or illegally downloading music off of the internet, is becoming a problem in society. We learned about why it is illegal to song lift, and how we can help make others aware of this growing problem.
  • Families of instruments – We have been discussing the four families of instruments in the symphony orchestra, and learning about their unique characteristics.
  • We decorated and made our own kazoos using household materials, and talked about the ways sound travels.
  • Rhythm Band – Students performed simple rhythm songs using hand percussion instruments such as the triangle, tambourine, cymbals and bells.
  • Music Symbol Sudoku – We practiced our problem solving skills using the popular Sudoku puzzles, using music notation symbols instead of numbers.
  • Lines and Spaces Bingo – We brushed up on our notes names of the treble and bass clefs using this fun bingo game.
  • Music A-Z – We brainstormed music terms to fill in our alphabet charts.
  • Collages – We made music collages using magazines and catalogs.
  • Backstage at Lincoln Center – We took a field trip to Lincoln Center to see the New York Philharmonic rehearse.

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